MASKS OF NEW YORK is a visual and literary project that asks New Yorkers to tell their personal story of the pandemic. 


As a fashion photographer, I’m always looking for the most beautiful way to tell a story. But in these days of the Covid-19 pandemic, fashion in New York City has transformed. As we retreat into our own micro-worlds and give up the shared experiences of New York, each of us now has a different experience. To truly capture this historic moment, I want to focus on the eyes of New Yorkers and what their gaze has to tell us. I hope to gather 100 stories or more and to capture the stories reflected in their eyes.

I invite you to be part of this project, and tell us your story.

the project

This portfolio website will bring together 100 or more photographic portraits of participants, where the fashion focus of the image will be their protective mask, but the emotional focus will be their eyes. 


Each participant will be the cover of their own story. In addition to being photographed, they will have the opportunity to share their vision of what life is like during the pandemic.

To volunteer to have your portrait taken and share your story, simply fill out the survey providing contact information and an address. We will use that information to create a bicycle route and visit the participants one by one to take a portrait.


After your portrait is taken, we will send each participant a guiding document via email, where they tell their story or vision about the pandemic, how fashion has changed for them, and the story behind their mask. As soon as participants return this document, we will continue with the production process of the final art: a union of the photo with the text. 

The survey 

If you are in New York and want to be part of this project, complete the following survey.

* All the information will only be used by the photographer and in order to create the bicycle route.


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